Pre-Production process

Find The Meaning

Let's talk about the song. What is the song about? What feelings are you trying to evoke in the song? What musical elements, feel, and sound would best support that idea? We will work together to find those answers and formulate a creative framework for the song.

Song Arrangement

This is one of the most important (and one of the most overlooked) aspects of making a great record. Having all of the instrumental and vocal parts of a song work together rather than fighting each other is a key step toward a successful recording. Artists and I work together to create the best version of the song we can.

Demo The Ideas

When necessary, I like to demo the song arrangement ideas to make sure they are going to work for the song. That gives the artist and I the ability to make any changes we want to. I like to go into the recording process with 90% of the song's vision in my mind, leaving 10% for spontaneous creativity. Happy accidents are always welcome!