About Me

I was born and raised in England to a very musical family.  The youngest of three boys, I was influenced by my brothers’ record collection and particularly my eldest brother’s involvement in the British folk scene.  I studied piano at a very young age, played clarinet in school orchestra, then discovered guitar and all the great British rock 'n roll heroes of the sixties and seventies when I was just a wee lad of 11 years old.  


A move to the US culminated in a blend of cultures and musical influences.  My love of melody and power-pop lead me to form a band in the nineties called The Scones.  I spent 3 years learning from my mentor Andy Barrett at his studio in Phoenix, AZ during which time The Scones recorded our debut CD “Do You Hear?”  I had worked in studios from London to LA in the years before but it was during my time with AB that I grew exponentially as an artist and recordist.


I built my own studio in Phoenix where I produced music for local artists.  In 2008, an opportunity to do a year long recording project brought my family and I to Carmel, CA.  After that wrapped, my wife and I started a non-profit called Rock n Roll Kids where we taught young people rock music on their respective instruments, organized bands with them, performed showcases, and recorded them with an emphasis on education.  


My long time music partner, Ike Marr, and I started performing in the Lake Tahoe, CA area as Ike & Martin so we moved here in 2012.  I reopened my studio here and have been making records with various local artists ever since.  I’ve spent my entire adult life writing, performing, and recording music.  It is my passion, it is my life’s work, and it is a challenge that I’m excited to face every day.  Never stop learning!